Dhokra Art Holy Tortoise from Ektal Village


Ektaal, a crafts village located near Raigarh is a small and very basic village. What makes it special is the fact it is home to many national and state level award-winning artisans.


The whole village is engaged in making handmade metal craft popularly known as Dhokra art. They continue to use the age-old technique of Lost Wax method that was used even during the times of Indus Valley Civilization. Designs are made on a clay tablet with threads of bee wax. Wax strands are also made using a small wooden machine using the simple pressing method. Another layer of clay is added to mold after the wax settles. And then the molten metal is put between the two clay layers. The wax burns out and the metal settles in its place. When the clay mold is broken the shining metal comes out in the desired shape.

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