Digital Earth Resistance Tester(HIGH)


Digital Earth Resistance Tester(HIGH)

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Waco digital earth resistance tester is designed to measure the resistance of Earth and is used in power circuits, telecommunications, railway station, domestic and industrial electrical installation. Electrical technicians and contractors regularly use it. The tester measures directly the resistance of earth and also measures the ground resistance. 

Important features
The sturdy resistance tester is also elegant and the compact body makes it portable. It is easy to use and since it is quite small it can be hand held. It contains four terminals to measure Earth resistance as well as soil resistivity. The display also indicates low battery. 

Waco digital earth resistance tester comes with a carrying case, charging cord and an instruction manual. You can also get optional accessories at an extra cost. All these things are packed in one kit bag and delivered to you. Since it has a long warranty period, you can be assured that it won't get damaged easily. 

The handy resistance tester is very useful for a lot of electrical professionals to get an accurate reading of the Earth's resistance. This is necessary before laying out electrical lines. The instrument provides accurate readings without which, the line could be at fault and could cause damages.

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