SOLID DVB-T2 Indoor HD (DTT) Digital Terrestrial Television Antenna


SOLID DVB-T2 Indoor HD (DTT) Digital Terrestrial Television Antenna


Free for Life: never pay for cable or satellite rates extremely expensive again! Our high definition HDTV receiving antenna helps you get all your local channels to totally free including local news, weather forecast, sports programs, children's shows and TV series etc in full HD (DD National HD).

High Gain Low Error: It has high gain and low error rate of digital TV signal reception, and a significant increase of signal in actual use. Increase the reception of TV programs and eliminate the pause. Multi-directional design pulls signals from all directions.

It’s easy for you to place the razor-thin antenna anywhere in your home to get the best reception. With suction 3M Stickers, you can easily hang on the wall put it in the window etc.

1080P HDTV: 70-80km range allows you to have access to away from broadcast towers; Deliver full HD 1080P programs. In addition, it supports 720p, 1080i, 1080p | ATSC.

Premium PVC Panel: The premium PVC panel warranty and high quality metal accessories Powerful signal reception signals without losing during transfer. Make sure you get crystal clear pictures.

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